“Your account has been temporarily locked due to suspected fraud, a chargeback or some similar violation of our terms of service. In order to get your account verified please submit a ticket selecting “Risk Management” department. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you as we do our very best to minimize false positives in such situations.”



Unfortunately, your Namecheap account was flagged by our fraud screening system and was locked. So, we were forced to cancel your order and issue refund.

Please provide us with the following details to get your account verified:

– a color photo quality copy of the credit card used for the payment (front and back, 8 middle digits must be blacked out as well as cardholder security code on the back);
– a valid phone number and the best time to call you (within normal business hours, US Pacific time).

Security of our clients is our highest priority. Thus, checking accounts for possible fraud is done to protect our current customers and any future customer, like you, from malicious users. Asking documents for verification is a common practice for all Registrars. So there is no need to be worried. Such documents are used for verification only and are not provided to third parties in anyway. Account verification is a one time procedure, after your account is verified you will never face this issue again.

If your mail is not secured by SSL you may login to your support account at using your Namecheap login details and reply to this ticket from your support account through the secured connection.

Once your account is verified, you will be able to use our services.”


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